Tiffany May

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Tiffany May


Tiny Dorm Concerts: Tiffany Poon

I was the cinematographer for this piece. I filmed and edited the Juilliard sequence at the opening and the interview segment that starts at 6:38.
Columbia Daily Spectator, Columbia University Link to Story

Tiny Dorm Concerts: Good Night Moon

I was one of the camerapersons and editors in this music video.
Columbia Daily Spectator, Columbia University Link to Story


Tiffany May

I am a Columbia senior passionate about writing, photography and filmmaking. I am always thinking about how we experience narratives online and want to be part of teams that present media in innovative ways, whether through new or established platforms.

On this page are pieces I've written for the news magazine of the Columbia Daily Spectator, including a cover story on self-expression in the digital age and a longform feature on slang.

Feel free to get in touch at tiffany.may [at] columbia [dot] edu